Welcome to hell, my Dear.

Hi, I'm Rhi. I'm 18. I'm sad a lot, but I'm working on it. Feel free to message me about anything my ask is always open x

I had the shittiest day today, my head has been a total wreck. But this evening has been so lovely, spending time with my flat mates really cheered me up, and we all ordered Dominos pizza which was nice. I think I’m going to really enjoy the rest of my year.

Goodnight xx




a ferocious beast

i will reblog these everytime i see them because she is just such a precious little ball of predatory fury


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Go down a waterslide when it isn’t wet and you’ll understand why foreplay is so important.

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me: hey i’m kinda good at this writing thing
*reads other people’s writing*
me: i am a literary potato

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all i think about is sex and what i am going to eat next

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I’m not going to lie. I lost control. I self destructed when everything went bad, now I can’t find all my pieces.

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i think the most difficult thing is when you befriend someone whose personality type doesn’t mesh well with yours and they’re great and all but it is exhausting to interact with them.


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i’m not homesick for home, i’m homesick for something familiar

Don’t mind me, I’m just having an emotional breakdown. 

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I’m getting bad again but I’m too tired to care.
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